Build your online presence in an eco-friendly and high- quality environment

We have a state of the art web development solutions that provide eco-friendly and high-quality websites.


You have a small budget but want to be online?

At a time when one out of every two people use more than three screens each day, communication on the Internet is essential for all businesses. But for small and medium-sized businesses the path is often complicated and fraught with obstacles.

With Besyn ,Now everybody can afford a beautiful eco-friendly website.


What is an eco-friendly website

You must wonder why does it even exist eco friendly websites,websites seem so innocent.
How in the world can a website be bad for the environment!? It’s not even a real thing!

But the reality is that digital technologies account for around 4% of global carbon emissions, which sounds relatively small but is actually similar to the aviation industry’s contribution .
If the Internet were a country, it would be the world’s 6th largest polluter!

WE BELIEVE IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE BY USING AN ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE WEBSITE HOSTING PLATFORM. Our hosting provider puts back three times the power they consume into the grid in the form of renewable energy. The hosting platform has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible and limit waste of resources.

With Besyn ,Now everybody can afford a beautiful eco-friendly website.


Site implementation stages

With Besyn, you only have good surprises!
The sites we create are designed with the latest generation tools in order to offer you the most efficient sites possible. All our sites are optimized to be as fast and fluid as possible but also to be compatible on tablets and cell phones.

First contact with the customer in order to understand his needs

The first contact with the client is very important to discuss the main ideas of the project.

Selection of the template by the client

We offer a selection of templates to the customer so that he can pick the one that suits him best.

We analyze the customer's need and make a proposal

 As soon as we understand the client’s needs, we make a proposal that suits the client

Our little hands begin to work on the project

 Our team of professionals will work on the realization of your website

Website delivery

After validation of the website by the client, the site is put online. Your portal to the world is ready



Try Besyn today if you want access to the best, most professional website at a great price. We bring you the latest technology, while keeping costs low. If you want to bring your business online and reach new customers and a wider audience, contact us today to start your website project!

We always keep our costs down because we believe that every company/individual should be able to afford to have an online presence, and we are here to help you.

Simple and clear rates 

Our rates are so low that we will make your wallet smile

Renting a site no worries about hosting and security updates of your site.

Only one contact person from the gathering  of your needs, to the delivery, as well as for the creation of the website.

Eco-friendly website


Excellente communication avec Besyn qui a une expertise dans les domaines de conception et de développement de sites écologiques.  Ils ont des idées, une écoute attentive et ils répondent vraiment à toutes les exigences. Étant donné qu'ils sont des développeurs de sites web écologiques, je les recommanderai à tous mes amis et collègues et je ferai de nouveau appel à eux pour tous mes besoins en matière de développement de sites web


C’est la 4e fois que nous travaillons avec Besyn et je dois dire que je suis toujours aussi épaté par leur niveau de professionnalisme, de rapidité et la qualité de leur travail. Travailler avec eux sur des projets est toujours simple et le rendu est toujours aussi parfait, contrat après contrat. Je les recommande fortement si vous désirez avoir la paix d’esprit dans la réalisation de vos projets

Mikaël Casavant


Rental concept

Renting your site will allow you to gain new customers at a low
investment cost, and is the best way to offer visibility to your
business while minimizing your investment. With a website you
will accentuate your online presence.

Whether you are a merchant, a craftsman or a small business, the creation of a showcase site has become essential to enhance your business. The advantage of this location is also to entrust us with the creation of the site so that you spend as little time as possible on it and allow you to concentrate on your work. Moreover it is also the way to avoid investing a large amount of money in a site that will become obsolete with time.



Besyn(Be seen)  is a web development start-up whose goal is to help companies or individuals establish a powerful online presence in the online world.

Our goal is to offer you a quality site at a lower cost and thus to allow professionals who are starting their activity and those who do not have significant funds to offer themselves a high-performance showcase site. In addition to the creation of the site, you will benefit from all our services of follow-up and accompaniment.


As an eco-friendly start-up, our mission is to help companies grow and develop through an online presence while limiting the impact on the environment!